Privacy Program Maturity

Project Overview:

A retail client required additional support and expertise to maximize the capability of their data privacy operations.  The client requested that Lakeside Consulting Group engage to operate and mature their privacy program by improving existing processes and implementing new procedures to prepare for new privacy regulations.

Lakeside Solutions:

  • Data Privacy Policy, Procedure, and Workflow Updates
  • Individual Rights Request Management
  • Regulatory Management
  • Vendor Privacy Assessments
  • Privacy Control Framework Development
  • Privacy Control Mapping to Regulatory Requirements
  • Privacy Communication Procedures
  • Self-service Privacy Tools
  • Privacy Control Testing
  • Project Management
  • Program Management Services

Client Success:

Lakeside Consulting Group provided the necessary support to improve efficiency and efficacy of the client's data privacy program.  The client is now better equipped to meet compliance obligations under new privacy legislation, including Virginia CDPA, Colorado Privacy Act, UCPA, and PIPL.